She Walks to Church

June 7, 2009
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She walks for a purpose-
Not merely for fun.
'Cause sometimes it's hot
From the heat of the sun.

She walks to defy
All those who are wrong;
Who judge her and tell her
To stop singing her song.

She walks to let go
Of the anger that burns
Which comes from her mother's
Emotional turns.

She walks to escape
The screaming at home:
From the blame and from feeling
She's always alone.

She walks just to get there
To sit down and cry.
'Cause those words that you say
Don't fade with mere time.

She walks to hide,
To just disappear,
To hang her head down,
And get lost in school gear.

She walks to gain time
To sit and to sing,
Before people come
And ruin everything.

She rides home in a car
She seems distant and gone
But that's just because
You're not taking her home.

She's thinking of when
The next time will be
When she'll get to go walking
To church- home free.

~written 3/17/09

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