June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Run run run
run far away
lets run far away for we will follow the wind and the stars will guide us to our destiny. Love will keep us alive my love. Dont look back now just keep going. Just keep going for something amazing awaits us. Something ahead the road awaits us. Lets run for miles and miles and miles and never turn back just hand in hand looking ahead just keep running. Even wih sore feet just keep running. Nothing else matters but us being here together so keep running. We will not rest until we have reached our destiny. Well keep running till morning and day after day until weve left this horrible place and no one can find us. We will run away together forever and ever. Just u and me so take my hand and lets go .... dont look back.

The author's comments:
inspired kinda as a song and also inspired by hey nightmare a song by a skylit drive

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