My strange Death

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

i walk in the dark room as i turn i see a stranger with a large onject in one hand with the other he is gripping and holding on tight to the door. I stare at his drakk shadow and do not know if he sees me . He starts to move towards me. I freeze stay still as a statue i hear my heart beat a million times. A drop of sweat runs down my cheek and a shock of fear down my spine. I wait to see what he dose next. He waks closer i canot move and just say this is the end. HE comes nearer he grabs my neck and i get a glimpse into the eyes of the killer. He chokes me slowly. The object in his hand is a kinfe. He pulls it up slowly then drops it. He stares balnly at me and chockes me ahrder until i gag. Eventually i lose breath and air. In the end i died slowly on the ground choking. I watch as he walks away slowly into the shadows of the room he walks away and i am left to die and i take my last breaths and as i hear his footsteps leave i whipser and use my last breath to say ..... "u murderer". My end came.

The author's comments:
I was giving a deep poem idea for this person on yahoo answers.

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