Her Beauty is incomparable

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Her Beauty is incomparable

Her smile
radiant and luminescent
not even the stars could compete
or the sound of waves softly pecking the shore
her first kiss on a rainy night
underneath the spotlight of the moon

The moon
exclusive to her smile
sings a song of love that wisps through the night
jaded luminescent
naturally bouncing her stain glass image outside the softness of the calm shore
casting a floribunda shade to corrupt the rising tide chosen to compete

A Slim tired silhouette compete
against warm rashy cheeks impatiently masked by the cold slowly ambushing night
puppeteering her model in a ballet arabesque position raised elegantly above the shore
expands a coy resplendent smile
to fluster a luminescent
incandescent shimmer influenced from the crescent night

disposed in a train of thought interrogated by the embrace of night
deliberately ceases to compete
against a concealed blemish luminescent
traversing shadows lightly influenced by the mirth of the celestial moon
tease a reserved smile
that could pause even the most sprightly shore

slowly cinch the sensual mood shared against the shore
whispers a quite love under the vale of night
gambling to encourage a tender smile

trusted to compete
with the sincere polish of the earths moon
sits her alluring luminescent

vividness gazing without doubt luminescent
against his chest along the beat of the shore
glaring tenderly at the moon
understanding the fate of this night
and to compete
would steal her incomparable smile

The author's comments:
This is one of the first poems I actually took my time to write, so for this poem has alot of meaning. I wrote this piece while I had someone on my mind. I didn't actually realize I was writing about this person till I finished the poem. Please enjoy

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