June 7, 2009
By cmoney1994 PLATINUM, Newark, New Jersey
cmoney1994 PLATINUM, Newark, New Jersey
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Be the best you an be as you can see i try to be by writing poetry.

I hate war.
What is it for?
just to kill,
I mean what's the thrill.
It's wrong to fight.
It's such a terrible sight.
It's gun, knifes,bombs and probably a tank.
So tell me has you kine gone blank.
War is just so bad.
Over 50 million died in WW2.
What if one was you?
Now how do you fill?
About all the people that kill;
in war.
Careless, dumb, mentally retarded, encelent people
do war; and they are sick from the core.
HOw much more, do you want
I mean it's like a hunt.
Countries are now use to killing,
How are they even willing.
I'll kill myself to end war,
please no more war.
I'm just fed up with all these people willing
to do some killing.
How are you feeling.
Are you sick
you make me sick.
I HATE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont do it;
you can die.
I still don't know why;

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on Oct. 29 2009 at 12:15 pm
JasonsBaby GOLD, Spencer, West Virginia
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when i get mad i tend to tell people to "go suck a fart"

wow, i totally agree! great job ! Your poems are awesome, you really know how how to get a readers attention.

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