Under The Cruel Surface

June 7, 2009
By Paige McCall GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Paige McCall GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Diving into the aura of impassionate
Stabbed lifeless by the bitter cold,
shooting rapidly up your spine
Drowing yourself in the unconquerable
Reluctantly facing the lifeless, the unkind

Grasping oh so tightly for that one last breath of air
Under the surface is where your forced to reside
Given into the emotions
Allowing your happiness to vanish
drifting away with the ongoing current of the riptide

Under the current is dark, lifeless, dull, inanimate,
The keen darkness is a bitter taste of lonliness
The darkness: a cruel and unusual way of playing with your head

The icy wetness clothes your cold, naked and uncomfortable body
Receiving a sudden distaste of fear
The darkness below is a steady witness to my pain
Tightly holding all my emotionsm,
Laughing at my every tear

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