Street Fiddle

June 7, 2009
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Gritty two stringed instrument Sing your worth, why
Make it difficult?

You are chipped and dented,
Largely demented
Missing two strings

You are a broken image
Cracked, spray painted
You belong to none but the street

Your pegs do not work,
Out of tune are your strings
Make a sound!

Make a sound worthy of being
A violin is by any other name
A violin, two strings or none.

Play Mendelssohn and Bach
With your two strings
Can you thank your Maker?

Give thanks by your soul
On fire. you are an instrument
With a voice to be heard

Two strings or none,
Cracked or broken,
An instrument has a purpose
In the world

Play Mozart and Brahms
With your two strings
Sing with your emaciated body

Perhaps it may be redeemed,
This two stringed fiddle
After all,

Music is worth redemption.

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