bumble bee

June 7, 2009
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bumble bee

I see a little keyhole
Far across a thousand seas
It shines a luminescent speck
Calls to motion so enchantedly

Would the life within me pop!
When giving way to that lust.
Would the island that i live on
Dissipate into dripping dust?

I think if i were to go
The light would grow and grow and grow
Until that speck becomes a spot
And that spot turns into a dot
And that dot encompasses me
Until the light is all i see

And death would be a foreign word
Life would seem like a bird
Flying behind, away from me
an eagle a dove a bumble bee
I would miss their chirps insistently

Yet life would seem a ancient mystery
A void filled high with kind sanctuary
A beacon for the passion that inspires me
To summon an anthology to you by me
The words the notes the ideas the songs
Because as i see it the end is only a tiny bumble bee
a keyhole into an eternity

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