Cover to Cover

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I opened the hard leather cover:

Dragons glided in the air,
their soar graceful,
yet ferocious.
Dainty fairies fluttered about,
the wisps of their wings catching the morning sunlight.
Swords clashed in the dark mist,
as the moon's ghostly glow caught the warriors sunken eyes.
The course black fur of a jaguars hide,
brushing against the breeze gently as it pounced.
Two colorful hummingbirds twirled and twist together,
as if they were one.
Angelic mermaids sat upon smooth, pale rocks,
singing effortlessly,
as their voices flowed into a harmoness melody.
Showing love as a gift,
hate as a flaw.
A second life of mine,
played across the words on crisp pages.

I closed the hard leather cover.

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