If I Had Wings

June 7, 2009
By Calamine16 GOLD, Rochester, Minnesota
Calamine16 GOLD, Rochester, Minnesota
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"Ordinary people can do extraordinary things if given a chance" ~R. Limbaugh~
Heaven is like Hawaii. I haven't been there yet.


If I had wings and I could fly,
I would soar above all the clouds in the sky.
I would feel the wind whipping in my face,
as I loop-de-loop until I reach outerspace.
I would touch the stars and meet the man on the moon.
My cellphone would then ring and mom would say: "Come back soon."
I'd put my cellphone in my back pocket.
Then say "goodbye" and borrow a rocket.
I would zoom down at full speed, very fast.
Then I'd be home in my bed, at last.

That's all there is, my poem is done.
Unless I grow wings again, and have more fun...
The next day, with my wings, I raced out of the house.
I was going faster than a speeding mouse.
My friend tagged along along; we met at the park.
She said: "Let's hurry, before it gets dark."
We were off! We glided over the Antarctic Ocean.
We then made a trip to the mall and bought some lotion.
After that, we went into a cave.
I have to admit, we weren't very brave.
Next, we paid a visit to the zoo.
There we made some friends- a monkey and a kangaroo.
It was a great day, my wings and I.
But now, I must go home because I can no longer fly.
So if I had wings, that's just what I'd do.
But, I wonder, if you had wings,
what would you do?

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