Broken Angel

June 7, 2009
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Wandering about from a distance far off,panic grows with great intensity,the roads unclear to see. Fog builds up as the feet of once a loved child is now...
Neglected for there are hidden features of a beautiful woman and yet disgust fills everyone's thoughts that lay eyes upon her. Raggedy clothing , torn pieces off here and there, face pale as can be. Waiting impatiently on the side of the road, but there's no hestitation to ask for what she wants from others. The determination inside keeps life itself going, with no human existance the pitiful world of hers woould still live on. She has lost every cent and posessions to the sinful cards but still hangs on to the thread of hope praying one day her prayer of seeing her baby girl one more time will be answered. The frail creation of happiness has been snatched away withut any warning. Fifty eight days, fifty eight days since the accident, now she will never have her beloved Sarah ever again. "A better place," she repeats, how long will it take till life settles in that she is alone and has no one? The memories will stop when she runs as far away from here, from her beloved Sarah...

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