Today I'll Smile

June 7, 2009
By Parth Patel BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
Parth Patel BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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Today I'll smile
When my mom bends down and offers me
Her kiss and her love, I'll walk away
To everyone I'll show my teeth,
Give them a greeting and perceive glee.
I'll refuse to give a "What's up"
Or a "Hey, how's it going?"
Today, I'll just smile
And say nothing to everyone
To the teacher at the desk, his shiny apple
Of expertise, a plaque and also food.
I'll give it to him on the paper I'll turn in
Like a sly student who passes notes.
Smile to the mailman with the priceless letters
Smile to the clouds, creating an imaginary world
Smile to the friend who give you a pencil to borrow
Today I'll be anti-sad
Today I'll be the heart, be the medicine
Of everyone's day, be the clouds of my brain,
Be the stars in the fish tank, be the feather that flies.
I'll let my smile freeze
Like icicles in the winter
To make sure that I'll always be
The smile that heals.

~Ernesto Trejo

The author's comments:
This is a copy change of a poem by Ernesto Trejo (I don't remember the name of the poem since I did this long, long ago).

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