... and he looks back at me with wet eyes

June 7, 2009
And he looks back at me with wet eyes . His eyes that once made me melt are now melting themselves . PATIENCE is biting on his arm, perhaps biting away tears, if only my face weren't blocked off by his arm he could see that I'm holding back tears too . We lie on the bed lifelessly and silent . inside my body I can almost hear my tear drops echoing in my empty soul . oh wat I'd do to be full again, but I refuse to spill . and so does he . we talk about death . I never realized how alive he made me feel, until it was dead . I hope that he can realize how alive I can make him feel, before . . I close my eyes, a long blink as my anxious tears escape thru the spaces between my eyelashes . I tell PATIENCE that I love him and that I want him back and if he takes me back we'll be so happy . and we are, his girlfriend is the past and I am his future . Its just a dream . I open my eyes and just slide my hand into his . Damn him for wanting to come over my house just to tease me . Damn him for laying so close that I can breathe him but just far enough to remind me that I can't have him anymore. He grips my hand in his and I get a rush, my fingers fall in place rite between his bony knuckles . and he looks back at me with wet eyes .

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