Summer Nights

June 6, 2009
By Jenna Tehaney BRONZE, Portola Valley, California
Jenna Tehaney BRONZE, Portola Valley, California
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The warm, cozy sand slides between my toes, tickling my feet. My hand slides across the smooth, fading scarlet petal. Chatter amongst friends leisurely passes by, as the moon’s beam falls upon the breaking ocean’s waves. A natural rustling of palm trees whispers from a distance. Falling into a deep reverie -- an unparalleled moment suspended in time. A sweet pungent smell awakens my senses as the warmth of hot chocolate coats my soul, numbing the nip from the uninhibited wind. Slippery emerald flora grasps my foot. My plantar muscles arch and curl, loosening the kelp’s impish grip, and the green strands of life retreat in defeat. My eyes follow the rose petal alit path that was our guide. Suddenly awakened, my attention returns to the amiable company, lost in an uplifting sway. A smile slides upon my face as my toes sink back into the genial tender sand.

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