The Unreachable King

June 6, 2009
By poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
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The ground seems to shake,
Your arms quiver,
As the lights flicker,
The blaring pours through your brain,
Leaving you temporarily insane,
As the crowd sways,
You stay,
Nailed to the ground,
Listening to the loud sounds,
In the distance you can hear,
Laughter oh so familiar,
You wish you could move,
But you’re stuck in the groove,
Bodies pressed to your sides,
If you dared to trek,
It would cause the most personal wreck,
So you stand and you sway,
Listening to the band play,
As your vision begins to fade,
Filled with spotted blue,
You hear the crowd swoon,
He has taken the stage,
You blink back the need to cry,
As he catches your eye,
He puts his hand down,
And with a small pull lifts you to the stage,
All the other girls watch in rage,
As he leans down,
His nose touching yours,
The drummer pounds his drum,
The bass begins to play,
You sit straight up,
Wiping your sleep filled eyes,
You feel like crying,
You look to your wall and he stairs back at you,
A poster,
The unreachable king,
Running through your dreams

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