June 6, 2009
By poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
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It’s so serial,
So incredible,
So unrealistic that you almost had to tilt your head to truly see it.

The countless looks,
Secret smiles,
Shared between the most unlikely of a pair,
So unlikely a pair that no one ever really tilted their head to see it.

The smallest touch,
The silent racing hearts,
The slightest gasp,
It ran through veins leaving behind a smoldering trail in it’s wake.

It smelled like roses,
The rainforest,
Clouded with blue light,
Making it seem ever so bright.

A soft whisper,
And a gentle breeze,

So faint,
So small,
So soft,
Not even those who shared the sweetest glances noticed the other,
Staring right back.

When spring comes,
And the flowers sing,
Everyone notices,
The long dormant Pinks.

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