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June 6, 2009
By poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
poppyluvsu BRONZE, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
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There’s no escape button down here in this life
No magic to save you when it gets tough
You live through the days with a smile on your face
The broken bits, they tear through your sides
Ripping apart your shielded tears
Draining the ever growing fears
Making them real
Turn and run
Stumble and fall
To the cold hard ground you tumble
A tear in the seams
A growing need
Dripping onto your cheeks
Blacked soot
Brushes the roots
Of the soulless flowers at your feet
Drop to your knees
See the pain
Grab the gun
Blow it away.
Cry in the evening
While you lay there and rot
In a cot meant for two
Close your eyes
Inside you cry
Dry cheeks, redden eyes
Spy across the empty space
A wisp of undying grace
Reach until you break
You’ll never touch
The beautiful mass
You dream about it
Day and night
You fight for it
With all your might
Through thick and thin
Reaching in
To uncover that grace again
You’ll never touch it
Only brush it
Spend the rest of your life drinking
Just to see the beauty again
You never will
It’s only a dream
In this perfectly broken hell
There’s no escape button down here on earth
Only death,
Only birth.

The author's comments:
I've sturggled with different things in the past and this is just one of those past memories things. Please Enjoy.

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