Bloodied Fatigues

June 6, 2009
By airforce13girl BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
airforce13girl BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
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I had never seen
Black as dark as this
Nor had I felt
Pain as intense as this

In a blinding flash
The pain disappeared
And before me
Was a room of the purest white

Standing like a stain
In this beautiful room
Feeling dirty in my
Bloodied fatigues

I see a door
Across the room
As I approach it
The door swings open

Silently a foot appears
In a polished black shoe
I blink and then see
There standing before me
Someone I never thought
I'd see again

I blink a second time
And more soldiers appeared
With a third blink
The final soldier
Steps through the door

There before me
Stands four people
Who I watched bleed
Never to be seen again
Or so I thougt

Standing tall
In pressed uniforms
Brass shining like a new penny
Polished shoes
And white gloves

They look at me
And I return the gaze
Finally one spoke
"Come with us, soldier.
You have seen enough
Of that hell."

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