Why boy's fall in love with girls

June 6, 2009
By sheri myers BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
sheri myers BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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Why boy's fall in love with girl's

1. She always smells good even if it is shampoo.
2. The way her head always finds the right spot on your sholder.
3.How cute she looks when she sleeps.
4.The ease in which she fits into your arms.
5. The way she kisses you and all of a sudden everthing's right in the world
6. How cute she is when she eats.
7.The way she takes hours to get ready, but in the end it's all worth it.
8. Because she is always warm even when it's minus 30 degrees outside
9. The way she looks good no matter what she wears.
10. The way she fishes foe compliments even though you both know
that she is the most beautiful girl on earth.
11. How cute they are when she argues.
12. The way her hand finds yours.
13. The way she smiles
14.The way you feel when you see her name on the caller ID after
after you just had a big fight
15.The way she say's "lets not fight" even though you know a few hours later
16.The way she kisses you after a fight
17. The way she kisses you when you say " I LOVE YOU"!!!!!!

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