The City Within

June 6, 2009
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The willow hath sunk hateful poison
into thine dark and decrepit soul.
somewhere deep, deep inside
a silver lining resides, but
not even a gentle cue could sort out
this unpleasant life.
Somewhere deep,deep inside
birds beckon the chance to humble
thy lives.

My soul shines a brief light
portraying slaves being worked until
there fears are cured
or at lest bled out through their hatered.
Somewhere deep,deep inside
reality is displayed as a reasonable
accomplishment. No pain,
but what good would the scars do other
than to redeem the past.
Somewhere deep,deep inside
there is good, but its not easily understood
expecially by those who are one in the same.

Inside my thoughts decay the very existence
of my life, and tho thee hath treched forth
through thick and thin one can not be blinded
be the evils that stalk to kill.
Somewhere deep,deep inside there is
a world inwhich paranoia does not
express its dark side.
Somewhere deep,deep inside
there is a comforting place that keeps
me alive, but for how long I can't

Inside my tangled emotions I wrestle with
Demented demons pulling my soul to hell, but
Somewhere deep, deep inside
there is an army of golden angels
guarding my soul with there bloodshed.
Somewhere deep,deep inside
there is a city within
one that hath no evil and good reigns supreme.
A normalcy that every sane human being has,
but I seem to have found that city to late
for now I am dead.

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wildmare87 said...
Jun. 28, 2009 at 12:17 am
wonderful,powerful,brilliant mind.....
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