Taken Enough

June 6, 2009
By Nick Huang BRONZE, San Jose, California
Nick Huang BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I’ve taken so much hate and humiliation,
Taken it all in and held it for my life,
And I’ve held it for just too long,
And I’ve released it out onto my life.

I’m ready to die,
I’ve brought myself to the edge,
And I’m looking down this ridge,
And wondering what is down this rift…

But now I’ve become so scared,
So scared of what will become of my past,
Taking care of my past,
Is like trying to exterminate a pest.

You’ve never noticed anything…
You’ll never notice anything because of my life,
Filled with depression and jealousy,
And masked by the hard steel and cold ice of my skin.

You’ve never seen my insides,
They burn like a firestorm,
It howls like a hurricane coming at full force,
It rips at my heart like a war,
And it leaves no mercy upon me,
As I lay on the ground writhing in sorrow and agony.

So I don’t look back,
And I jump into the darkness of the abyss,
And finally end my cursed life,
My life failure has ended.
As soon as I jump,
I feel the darkness collapsing onto me,
And I close my eyes for the last time.

But then,
Out of the darkness came a light,
The light of hope to start anew,
To start my life again,
And forget the mistakes of my past.

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