Admirable Admiral

June 6, 2009
By Jason Grant BRONZE, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Jason Grant BRONZE, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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"Land in which I've been born going into attack.
The blade and shield must be equipped once again.
The knack for murder- must I commit sin?

It is the absolute-
treaties meet steel and become obsolete.
My fleet gathers and casts their last solute?

Impossible- no dent in the defense of patronism,
for I can not just be a memory slowly fading within'.
Pastries of gold for every heart beat that keeps rhythm.

Our armada has been awoken-
my talents may revert corrupt due to devotion,
and my fortune turned to unfortune due to explosions?

I espy the future and see and feel chaos.
Ebony and Ivory never seem to get a day off-
fate ends lives with two swords, the ace of spades, Ahh..?

Supersonic- deafening sounds fill my ears.
Ambushing the unexpected- grenades implant fear.
We're here, and gone. Heavens do you care?

I don't believe, nor dare.
In the case, I say my prayers-
it's the luck of the hare to which I'm not impaired."

Live to tell the tall tale to the
ones who think the Admiral is Admirable.
Adderall- to the distractions of the Admiral;

hearts like the king- each and everyone
has compassion for those whose time is done
and run out, for the clock has hit the final one.

So they raise their swords in the skies and hope the war is won and over.
The ship sailed- and has now graced the land.
Demand and supply-met by the plan-

of reparations. Let the steam build and release it like condensation
upon the unexpecting public which which only wants to be a prosper nation.
Debating- on greed or fulfilling the acts in which they swore statement.

Corupternment- the Admiral finds the plans of the government.
"We must over-throw the ones whose place is overwrought."
Brought together with plans of revolution in their thoughts.

It starts with the weight of a few blades-
nothing stays secret for long-so it stays-solid, unhollowed
and engraved upon the persuaded public and starts movement like a ballad.

Streets now have the everlasting voice of revolution.
Problems unsolved will meet and have clear resolutions.
Constitutions- ripped apart and meet the asylum like institutions.

The intuitions of the Admiral have cast peace upon the land.
Anarchy won't hold for long -the country has a plan;
keep the ballad balanced with democracy once annual.

For the leader is now the Admirable Admiral,
perfect pictures are being painted like a sad mural-
"to serve those who have sang my name and I care for,

peace and prosperity will stay existent
if we can move forward and stop reminiscing
and dismissing. Remember, this all started with a premonition."

Divine intuition keeps the country coexistent-
with nations in which once trapped in war like a prison.
Peace slowly circulates around the blue and green Prism.

-Your voice can, make a difference.-

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