i cry

June 5, 2009
By Anonymous

I cry to be free
A day without my momma yellin at me
A day when she would just leave me alone
That would be the day when im out her house and long gone
But i cant wait
I want to get out right now and just go celebrate
Her leaving me alone
And still love me
But right now
Im only 14 years old
The age when you suppose ti feel like gold
Not me
I feel like a little baby girl
Who cant wait tills she able to walk
And talk
Her own words
And be able to run away
To get away
From this life that had to be
And till that day
When i can Break away
I cry
To be free

The author's comments:
I worte this poem when i was 14 im 18 now and I love my Momma aways sometimes its good to let out things instead of holding them back and I do that by poetry

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