A Smile Costs Nothing

June 6, 2009
By Nishibonya BRONZE, Jorhat, Assam, Other
Nishibonya BRONZE, Jorhat, Assam, Other
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Sometimes, I wonder, why this world is so grim;
Why are the inhabitants not what they seem?
Hurryingly, worryingly, they always are in a rush’
As if in competition with the light
To make it feasible run time backwards;
Not enough time to exchange smiles, not even a glimpse,
Those pale, gloomy ones do not know anything beyond their books.
An unsolved mystery, ‘inevitable loss of happiness’
As if an alien has come and attacked all laughter glands,
And left no species unaffected;
‘Grim’ is such a disease which has no doctorial treatment, no cure,
Except one -internal relief, peace and joy
Which can surely aim at the betterment of this serious ‘red alert’
Just aside all your lure for a few seconds and smile with full heart;
If not that, find gags in little things and feel that relief within,
Then see the change which you bring…..to the whole earth
A famous saying states-‘Smile, it is free of cost’,
So, practice this axiom,
You’ll not become bankrupted by that
This is a two step process-experiment and experience
You’ll be free from all sorts of unhealthiness

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