Shadow of the Day

June 8, 2009
By Jake Dingler BRONZE, So. Plfd., New Jersey
Jake Dingler BRONZE, So. Plfd., New Jersey
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I am from when Pokemon ruled supreme/
From Godzilla action figures and Zoids/
I am from the beige colored house with the basketball hoop and bright red car/
From nights of planning where to eat for dinner based on their toys/
I am from vacations spent at Hershey Park eating chocolate all day long/
From barely being able to hit the rim on a basketball hoop/
I am from drinking cherry Caprisun everyday with lunch/
From refusing to eat vegetables every day with dinner//

I am from playing Sega and Nintendo 64 all day/
From riding around the block in my toy Jeep/
I am from building sand castles at the beach/
From going to the park on Fridays/
I am from going to school 3 days a week/
From your only dream was to be able to stay up late/
I am from watching the Brady Bunch on Nick at Night/
From getting fruit rollup tongue tattoos//

I am from wanting to be like Mike/
From thinking the triple jump in checkers was the best part of my day/
I am from adding with all ten of my fingers and sometimes my toes/
From getting my first cavity/
I am from being amazed by the goo inside of lava lamps/
From crashing after enduring a sugar rush from Halloween candy/
I am from a house full of pets//

From crying for a week when my cat Mario died/
Losing old friends and fighting with new/
All these memories of good and bad are behind/
The shadows are what cloak the past/
And the future is just being revealed/

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