June 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I would frown at your laugh but the wind has picked up my smile.
She took it away,it surely is gone forever.
It really doesn't matter.

The bottle has taken me in, after she passed my way.
I have sank to a bottomless ground,
a fleet of many sails must have carried me down.
She was last year's summer,the heir of only a day

Honestly, it felt like forever.

Not wilted roses nor foreshadows of rain
will ease this simple pain.

I'll ingest euphoria
swallow it whole, and by moments too long
i'll feel nothing, not anymore.

Last year's summer is gone for today, finally.
The bottle has shattered, the ground has collasped
The sails are torn, and i can still hear you laugh
Last year's summer was only a day

It's surely gone forever, she has passed my way
It really doesn't matter.
Atleast not today.

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