June 7, 2009
By Brittney Chambers BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
Brittney Chambers BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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As children we often ask why?
Why the ants are so small,
and the trees are so tall.
But never do we ever ask,
But often hid under a mask.
Why do we have to die?
And when we do will we cry?
The questions of our world are so unclear.
Like a lost boat looking for a pier.
We'll forever wonder, but never ask why.
In hopes that curiosity will just fly by.
Just like the boat we'll find the way.
The answers will show the up someday.
My God will light the way to go.
And then I will truly know.
As he lights the never ending flame.
The questions will seam a bit insane.
For when the time has come for you.
You'll ride up to the big blue.
Where the children will not ask why.
Why must we must die and cry?
But instead they will ask,
as it's there new task.
Why didn't he cry when he died.
and you'll answer,
Why not?

The author's comments:
There is a time when people wonder and ask questions about about life and death. In this one I was trying to explain to myself and my sister the many questions that we ask. I hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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