The Sadness

June 8, 2009
By moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
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If you cant love yourself how in the world are you gonna love someone else?

Bitterness and sadness
flow through my veins
like a raging river
rushing down an
endless stream
that never slows down

tears fall from my eyes
like two slowly
falling waterfalls
I dont feel their wetness
as they travel like a river
down my cheeks

my heart is also crying
it's crying tears of blood
feeling as if someone is
trying to squeeze it
so that it would stop beating

Why do I feel like this?
I dont understand
this feeling that I have
deep inside my heart

this feeling just came
into my head
like the speed of sound

I guess that this is what
it feels like to want something
and at the same time
not want it to happen.

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