Years That Have Past

June 4, 2009
By Marcella Fazzolari BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Marcella Fazzolari BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from loud noised Sicilians who know how to cook.
From cartwheels and back tucks through my childhood.
I am from beanie babies and cartoons.
From my favorite Barbie night dress I wore when it was noon.
I am from chocolate soft serve ice cream with sprinkles.
From my mom tucking me into bed, and my dad kissing me on my head.
To dreaming of giant lollypops and sugar plum faries.
From ghosts and scary stories told by my older cousins.
Getting old and relizing where these memories have gone.
Knowingthat they will be kept in my heart waiting for another day to be gone.

I am from falling off my bike to getting bad cuts.
From the strong smell of my aunts handing me little candies.
I am from the ice cream man who drove down the block every Wednesday.
From cooties and boy germs when i went out to play.
I am from Barney to blue clues.
From watching cartoons every Sunday with my favorite teddy bear.
I am from strawberry shortcake baby bottles and dinosaur forks.
Which were taken from me as I grew up.

I am from picture books and Britney Spears.
From chocolate chip cookies freshly baked and ready to eat.
I am from cold milk poured into a nice tall glass.
From funny neighbors who made me laugh.
From barbeques with sizzling grease flicking off.
Hamburgers being my favorite grilled treat.
Drenching it in ketchup as i ate this tasty meat.

All thought my memories have past.
I keep them tucked away along with my broken necklace clasp.
These memories are full of great times and giggles.
Keeping me excited to see what will come next.
Waiting for more to be tucked in and outlived.

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