The Fears of High School

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The Fears of High School

In high school everything changes
And so does everyone
Priorities change as people look ahead
The future approaches at a rapid pace
It seems as though we are all caught up in a race
The school days go slow but the weeks go fast
Before you know it the year has past and we are one year closer
Closer to reaching that goal just three years away
Go to a good college
It takes hard work and some will fail
They will sink to the bottom while the others will sail
These are important years

New friends, old friends will reunite
Break ups, make ups, and a ton of fights
Everyone wants to be the best
Do they really care about the rest?
The pressure of your peers weighs down on your shoulders
Along with the trust inherited as we get older
Responsibility holds us down but everyone wants to stand out
Is it possible to be cool and still be smart?
Nobody wants to be forgotten and everybody wants to shine
In high school that is really the bottom line

Four years of work and caring about what other people think
Standing for hours looking in the mirror above the sink
Everybody wants to impress
Maybe if we all stepped back we would realize we are all afraid of the same thing
The failure of fitting in and the failure of not reaching success
This is what drives people to impress
If we were slower to judge maybe we would all make a new friend
Someone to help us make it to the end
High school is like a jungle
Only the strong survive
The weak sit back and watch them fly by
The drama is deep and can pull you down
By the end of freshmen year you have learned
How to stay away from the bad and fight your fear

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