I'm Sorry

June 2, 2009
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Joy is a misleading word.
One that is so suppose to be;
And full of hope.

This is your name
But it makes no sense.
You aren’t a happy person;
And for that
I’m sorry.

That your life is bad and
That everything around;
Has fallen apart. It’s like
Your life has been shattered
Like the remains of your
Broken heart. And for that
I’m Sorry

That your boyfriend
Used you;
Only to throw you aside, and
Try to have sex with the next
Girl he could find. And for that
I’m sorry

That you are now
A broken person;
Not the same way you
Used to be.

Which makes me stop
And wonder.

Why has your life been so hard?
Why did you change who you used to be?
Why is that what had to be?


I’m sorry
You’re an innocent person;
Who didn’t deserve anything
That happened to you.

Which makes me stop
And wonder.

What could I have done?
How could I have helped you?

I’m sorry
That I couldn’t help you;
And say that
“Everything will be okay”
But we are separated
By two different worlds
And for that
I’m sorry

That you might never be
The same person;
like an angel with
A broken wing
You will never
And for that
I’m sorry

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