The Song My Heart Sings

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

I ran over my own words
thanks for all times you pointed that out.
I broke promises
that I felt had lost their value.
I said words I never meant
guess I got to caught up in my own anger.
I lied to many times
but you'll never know.
I cheated myself
when I came back begging.
I made decisions without common sense
making things even worse.
I hurt plenty
you weren't the only one.
I forgot many a faces
but I came back to fill in those empty places.
I crossed lines that way my mind could be at ease
which it never did.
I dreamed a little to big
only to have all my dreams shattered.
I moved to slow for you
not quite good enough for your pace.
I wasted some time
being a failure and expecting you to pick me up.
I never quite trusted
but yet I let you know me so deep where no man has.
I couldn't let you go too easliy
Even if your pushes cut me.
I couldn't forget you.
I couldn't stop loving you.
I couldn't
Try...I could hear your voice say.
-I didn't want too.
I had hopes.
only to once again be disappointed.
And now after all this has been left in the cold past
Its time for me to face the truth that kills
you never loved me.

The author's comments:
After a kind of one year relationship, was becoming to be 2, I wrote this poem.

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