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Millions of Miles South

May 26, 2009
By Carissamariew PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
Carissamariew PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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He's got no idea what he really wants
Just to be crazy no matter what the cost
He can play guitar and sing all afternoon
Just hanging with the guys and letting loose
He can write a song from the bottom of his heart
Then he'll swear to you it was nothing hard

He may be millions of miles away
But I'm not letting that stand in my way
The sound of this guitar makes up for everything I miss
The sound of this guitar will take me to a place I won't forget
Where the water is always blue
Boat rides remind me of you
Where the pink sun sets
Behind that road where we first met

Everytime I leave it's always the same thing
And everytime it gets too hard he just stops listening
The more he opens up, I swear
The more he starts to dissapear
He wonders why I'm still standing here
Well he amazes me with everything he does
If I told him I loved him he'd turn around and run
Theres millions of hearts that he has stolen
And a thousand girls who would love to know him
Two years and I still can't quite figure him out
But I'm in love with him without a doubt.

He may be a thousand miles away
But I'm not letting that stand in my way

I'll sit here playing this guitar
Wondering where on earth you are
Wondering if you're doing the same
Because I know it takes two to play this game.

The author's comments:
This was written for a boy who managed to steal my heart - even from one thousand miles away.

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