May 30, 2009
By Jessie Rubini BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Jessie Rubini BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I started the school year fresh
New year, new teachers
New surroundings, new expectations
The same school, yet a different vibe

A little unsure, I slowly fell into a known routine
School, homework, family, friends
Basics-I knew the basics
I wanted to know the details

So I began to delve into my surroundings
Learning more about the qualities and personalities of my friends
Discovering how people change for the better, and the worse
Realizing that teamwork is a great thing, yet sometimes personalities don’t always mesh

As I figured out these things about the world around me
I also found more about who I am
My likes, dislikes, and my voice as a young adult
My opinions, ideas, policies, morals and values

I figured out what I am passionate about
The things that intrigue me
The things that I excel at
And the things I fail at

I learned important lessons
Like that succeeding is good, but not always the goal
That trying new things is nothing to be scared of
And that failure is just a part of growing as a person

I began to break out of a shell that I never knew I had
The shell that told me not to explore,
Not to put myself out there
And to worry about what others thought

Now I know that that shell is gone
That putting yourself out there and being outgoing are some of the best things you can do
And that while others opinions are important
They shouldn’t rule you life or prevent you from doing anything

It was a big growing year for me
Not just in my height, but my growth as a person
I know now more of the details
But I’m aware that there is much more to learn

The author's comments:
I was asked to write a reflection about my 7th grade year.

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