The Life of a Teenager

May 30, 2009
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The Life of a Teenager
The alarm goes off
It’s seven of clock and you are out the door
You get to school and it is one big bore
You look at the clock, only five minutes till lunch
Lunch detention for not paying attention
Two more hours and you will be out of there
Gym, it is all one big scare
Finally, last class of the day
Spanish, it is so easy; you don’t know what to say
Done, school over

Now, sports
Faster, tougher, harder yells your coach
You think you’re done, but you know your not
You keep going, till it is time to stop
You want to quit, you just want to sit
Unacceptable shouts Coach see you all tomorrow
You slowly pack up your pads and leave the field

You stand in the nice, relaxing hot shower
Clean off all the mud and sweat
Dry yourself off and run downstairs
Eat dinner
Done for the day
Oh, wait
You stay up late
Finally done, time to sleep
You set your alarm,
Then ring-a-ding-ding
And it starts all over

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