The Agony

May 30, 2009
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A child of dismay; my heart buried in anguish.
As my loved ones slowly depart from my reach, I fall endlessly to the bottom of the abyss.
As I gaze at myself at the fractured glass, I see the two faces of my fractured soul:
A face of light and a face of darkness. For what reason was I born into this world? I asked myself
A question that has continuously haunted me through time.
Am I a guardian of salvation and tranquility? Or am I just simply unnecessary?
If so I want to search for the path of achievement and acknowledgement.
I shall do all that is possible to please everyone.
I shall bring people happiness and enjoyment and make their dreams a reality,
I shall never let the people I love and who are precious to me fall prey to agony
I shall always help a friend in need.
If the price of achieving all of those goals means the sacrifice of my soul,
So be it…

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