May 30, 2009
By angel balkin BRONZE, Benton Harbor, Michigan
angel balkin BRONZE, Benton Harbor, Michigan
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Tell me your symptoms
And ill tell you what’s wrong.
Not answer these questions,
We aren’t far along.
Ok let me see…
Let’s think bout it now.
My hearts broke in half,
And I don’t really know how.
Well you see there was this boy,
His name still unknown, who told me he loved me,
Whose lies hadn’t shown.
Everyday I got more feelings.
I thought it was grand,
To make all the girls jealous,
As he held my hand.
Soon I did know,
I gave him my heart.
Now I regret it,
It wasn’t that smart.
For as much as I loved him,
He didn’t love me.
Next thing I noticed
My best friend and he.
I loved that one boy,
And he loved my best friend.
But that’s not my fairytale,
It cant be the end.
Life isn’t fair,
Not all its cracked up to be,
Bad endings and lies
Just you wait and see.

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