May 30, 2009
By Anonymous

…..the love of my life hmm yeah
Moment three
Let the sun be out for days cause there will be no light
A threat of a breakup is unimaginable
Where I am alone and I live in the deep abyss
Where we argue but really that’s what keeps us standing
Let the demon come an over swallow our relationship
I’m depressed….take me away lord though I know I won’t be resting in peace because I’m desperately and constantly missing my only and true one lover
I’m looking to find a light through the day and a life of the night
Cause I am afraid
But I don’t know if it’s possible that i can hold on just a little longer so tight
My heart once again has been intruded, the blood is soothing out
I’m sorry for my actions so all I do here is pout
And my eyes are as red if my vessels have popped
You don’t want to lock me up inside do you? You’re the only one I knew how to love
You’re the only one who kept me standing
But now I have come to fall
My hand is shaking so bad that I can barely breathe, I don’t want to eat...But I come to fall
We’ve came to far just to let us all away
I’m so alone
I don’t want to stay in love with my soul…I can’t let you go
I cannot hide my emptiness its clear I’m letting it show
How could you be so cold?
You’ve had the courage to say I love you but I didn’t know lovers could do that

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