May 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Day two as all I know is I’m in a superior momentum of distrust and a complete distraught anger
I’m tearful and torn apart as I can be
Because the bullies won’t stop attacking me
I told my boyfriend to be a far distance away from them…but hey who listens to me in anything that I have to say
Is it so significant that its been done like this before
My heart is racing, my head is aching dangerously
Humiliated by the enemy the monstrous Bigfoot behind the enemy of lines
the blind enemy can never remedy on my pain
The burning of me is still sizzling defining the dark part of me
How can this grudge that has been around for so long just whisk away?
I cannot move forward unless they halt to step back
I don’t think it’s the need of them to wanting to resign this steady pace of a
Grief contract
Because it’s clear for them that it exceeds
I’m so hurt that I only know of what world of what is called hell the residence I’m in
I don’t see the world guiltiness’ written all over my face….but I feel pain and grief
Destiny is calling a wrong future; destiny is not letting me live in my own hands but the bloody nights
I’m desperate for my independence
I’m buffering for loyalty
I’m desperate for the strength to live to carry on with gossip
To fulfill throughout pressure
To cry to hide it sustainably
And to duffel bag my pain

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