May 30, 2009
By Anonymous

So…….this is like taking a rope wrapping it around my neck
It is clear that this is knifing and manipulative how mine enemies are dreading me by the thoughts of living
My head is splitting in half
Thinking will this pass?
It’s obvious that they’re ganging upon me
Because peoples seem to crush
They don’t know the willing of me
They don’t know the suppress and depress is not a distance from me
I’m pierce with a poisoning liquid daggered inside of me
Willing to let go, to escape from the bleak and bounty darkness of fear
So many of them have darkened the heart of a innocent
Soul, heart and desire
Knowing my anger and belonging is SO unstoppable
I’m attempted and among them it’s me they have approached
It’s me that they have melted the sweetness outside of me…I cannot rest on that nor them indeed
I cannot help that I’m carefree for one another that they rob my heart easily in
But it’s punctual
That really I admire him nothing more than a friend strongly and so he highly recommends that too
Even though our likings and flirts with each other can be significant to somewhat of a cheat
But that is not kirstie neither do I let others perish in my relationship to let it be defeated
The rumor of the secret is cause of that I am not worthwhile to long last with my lover terry because this is pity I’m labeled some kind of a abomination
These human beings have intervene with a fragile soul
Calling me names because I’m blamed for being self centered and guilty
They don’t know the real truth about me
They don’t live in my shoes
They don’t drop the kind of tears I pour
I’m so impressionable by the fact of this
All I ask is for is the ability for me and him to live our lives and the respect and sake of reality
Or else I cannot be the true girl I am inside……..

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