Heart Cry

May 30, 2009
By Forest_Dweller BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
Forest_Dweller BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
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Hold my hand love
I’m so afraid, and
I need you
To walk me through the dark

Here, lay your head on my shoulder
I’ll shield you from anything that
Makes your heart cry or
Makes your fingers tremble

What if you make me cry and make me tremble?
My heart aches for you now
And it makes my eyes water
Makes my lip quiver

Then I’ll run to you with wings on my feet
And the wind pulsing through my veins
I could not bear to see your body wracked with sobs, or to see you
Shake in your bones for me

Then run my dear, to be by my side
And wrap your protection around me
Love me and never leave me
Protect me and wipe away these tears

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