The Light within the Darkness

May 29, 2009
By Awesome! BRONZE, Roanoke, Texas
Awesome! BRONZE, Roanoke, Texas
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Sitting in a room all alone by the wall

With darkness all around
Theres no one left....
Tears running down my cheeks
Just like raindrops on the cold window
No strength to get up
Just darkness
I let it engulf me while i just sit there
Thinking of the good times we had
The laughs, the cries, even the small things
Are precious in some way
We had such good memories
But then the accident came
And wiped your life away
I remember the phone call I got,
As I came through the door
It left me just standing there
Knowing not what to do anymore
More tears running down my cheeks
But then I heard a noise
As the door was opened
A light was shone on me
The one that gave me hope and love
And i knew it would take care of me
It was the one shoulder you could cry on
without feeling emarrassed in any way
It understood your feelings
And would always be there for you at times like so
It made the darkness go away
And the happy times came back
That light was the person
The greatest there could ever be
The light would sit while you cry
And give you a tissue when you are done
The light was there always no matter what.
An that light was... my Mom

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