When You

May 29, 2009
By DMarie BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
DMarie BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When you.

You beat and bruise me and yet still I stay.
You shun and reject me and yet I still stay.
You bragged and stated what was done and yet still I stay.
You yell and curse and yet I still stay.
You knock me down with harsh words and yet I still stay.
You party and leave me alone late at night still I stay.
You would leave me cold and go out and yet I still stay.
You don’t answer your phone when I need you most and yet I still stay.
You run the streets and have time for your friends and not for me and yet still I stay.
You told me that you wanted nothing from me and that you would never feel the same and yet I stayed.
You ran and took my smile with you and yet I’m still here.
When you would beat and bruise me he healed and bandaged my wounds.
When you rejected me he took me in and made me wanted.
When you would brag and tell all he would stay back and just bask in the love that he dream that some day would be for him.
When you would yell and curse I would run from you and go to him and he would say the sweetest words that I could only wish you would say to me.
When you would knock me down with hash words he would pick me up with words of love and hope that one day that I would hope that you would do me like he does me.
When you would go out and leave me alone he would come keep me company.
When you left me cold and went out he kept me warm in his arms and took me out.
When you didn’t answer the phone when I needed you most he stayed on the phone all hours of the night until I was better.
When you ran the streets and had time for other females, and not for me I only gave you the time of day and wanted him only when I was hurt. He still had time for me.
When you told me that you didn’t feel the same and wanted nothing from me he told me that he wants all of me and that he loves only me.
When you took my smile and left forever he showed me something new and gave me something to smile about.
But when you come back and ask me how did we fall apart he can tell you all the pain that I felt and all that he helped me with and you will not know anything because you were never there. And when you find love like the love that I have for you you’ll be the one wishing and praying to have something like what I gave to you and only you, But I doubt that you would ever have this because you don’t have what it takes to put in to find love.

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