Between moments pass

May 29, 2009
By Cassieslullaby DIAMOND, Dubuque, Iowa
Cassieslullaby DIAMOND, Dubuque, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Said we go to war just to bring us together, I believe in Love, I believe in forever..."

"Eyes see everything..." -Devon Torble,

"Caught up in love"- Joseph M. Lyons,

"I speak my words, through a broken truth,
...I bite my lip, and taste its guilt,
I see heaven on the horizon, but I turn my back,
Paradise must wait,
For when it dies,
The truth shall be revealed…" - Joseph Michael Lyons,

"Seen through an angel’s eyes,
I’ve found love where it truly lies,
And when that angel cries,
All my pain slowly dies…" - Cassandra Burnes and Joseph Lyons

When there is not a moment’s pass,
When there is not a second that’s lost,
When I have done all I can and far more,
When you finally understand…

You are the flame that fuels my obsession,
And keeps me warm when I am alone,
The very tears in my eyes,
And the stars in the sky...
You are my addiction…
My only craving,
The only thing that makes me feel,
You are my life...
Without you I do not exist,
Without you I do not matter,
But with you I am whole,
I am everything,
And all I ever could be,
It’s all because of you…

You’re unfathomably beyond perfection,
Far beyond words or emotions,
You are perfect,
And yet you are even farther than that...
I am not perfect…
I am merely a reflection of what I see in you,
I wish to hold you close,
And I never would let you go,
Even if I died in your arms,
I would never let go…
Within your embrace,
Within forever,
I shall wait...
To the end of the very beginning,
Forever and far after,
You have my heart to hold…

Forever entangled,
Locked in deadlock with loves gentle kiss,
My own beginning,
My own personal wish,
My promise…

To make you see your perfection,
As I see,
To love yourself as I love you,
Even if they are the last words to fall from my lips,
You will understand,
You will see,
How much I truly love you…

The author's comments:
I wrote this straight from the context of a conversation me and my beautiful angel were having...My only goal is to tell her each and every day how deeply me heart beats for her and how it will remain that way for the rest of our lives!

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tgir85 GOLD said...
on Oct. 26 2009 at 8:06 pm
tgir85 GOLD, Katy, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I only put you through that test to see if you would keep the faith or give up..."

MORE your writing is soo beautiful!!!

love it all!!

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