The smile on my face is because of him

May 29, 2009
By OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
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" I close my eyes but I can't rest. My body is tired, my mind is wandering. From the past to the east to the west. Trying to take up the blame, you've already taken from me. Can anyone tell me how we learn to live with ourselves?"

How is it possible that I can go through all these emotions in three days
And then one text from him makes it all go away
I thought he didn’t want to be my friend
He thought I didn’t like him anymore
And now I will never have to go without saying how I feel
I will never have regret as I walk out the church door
Because I was finally able to tell him exactly how I feel
And what I was hoping he’d say, amazing
I keep rereading the text to make sure its real
As it turned out my feelings towards him were not in vain
Because he told me...

he feels the same

The author's comments:
So if you have ever read any of my other poems, you probably noticed that I write about this one person. I finally let that person know how I felt and this is the first thing I wrote after our conversation.

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