The Impossible Dream

May 29, 2009
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When I first met you I was blind sighted to what you really were: The epitome of eternal beauty
I long for your affection, except I was too naive to know how to win it.
I always pictured us as the ultimate soul mates, angels dancing in the aroma of the night
Under the sparkling stars.
As much as I crave for that dream to become a reality, I know we are not meant to be…
When I tried to win your acknowledgement, I came to the conclusion
Our souls completely differ. We both have different perspectives on life.
We pursue different dreams and idealism; believe in different gods and goddesses
We are merely two souls from two different dimensions.
Our crossroads of destiny shall never intertwine, no matter how hard we try.
Although you may not feel it, my heart is breaking in two
As I dissipate in the somber mist I give a pleading scream that will never be received.
With my last ounce of soul still attached to this world I shout my final thought:
Love is inevitable and natural, but is it true for everyone?
With that question afloat in the air, my last ounce of soul finally vanishes
Lost in the realm of nothingness.
Possibly a gateway shall open, allowing me to escape from this godforsaken realm
Only then will I be able to begin my odyssey by trekking across the heavens,
Then venturing into the wilderness in search for my true soul mate.

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