I Sit Here

May 29, 2009
By pookybearpurr BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
pookybearpurr BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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I sit here
Crying my heart to tears
Pondering what’s to happen next
I sit here
Invading my life in shame
Wondering why the studies
Are so insignificant
I sit here
Savoring this ransom cliché
Of why life took it’s toll
At the spur of the moment
I sit here
Escaping these surreptitious walls
That I seem to run into
Every time I turn
I sit here
Lost in my fathoms
Undergoing the confusion and lies
That envy my courage
I sit here
Waiting for the joy to arrive
Through pleasant, yet vacant atmosphere
I sit here
Beckoning the tides closer to me
Drowning my senses, cleansing my senses
And awakens my heart, so I may not die
I sit here…

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