i use think i loved you

May 29, 2009
By sarai BRONZE, Yucaipa, California
sarai BRONZE, Yucaipa, California
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i fell in love with you
or so i thought
for a long time you were eveything
now i dont see a thing
i thought i would cry when you'd leave
now as i see the time approaching
my heart is relieved
i feel no sadness only sighs
i never remembered to stop and relize
if it really was you whom i wanted
now as i feel you slipping away
i am happy
happy for you, happy for me
now i too can realize i never loved you
only wished it was you whom i can love...

The author's comments:
just a random thought of the guy whom i like and is leaaving to the Marine Corps... this is the second guy whom i loose to the Marines, my last was my ex... whom i let go because his future streached out further than i can see for myself

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