May 29, 2009
By Elizabeth Szalay BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Elizabeth Szalay BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Come home, phone buzzing in my pocket
Check the time, midnight, Already?
Screen flashes 3 messages
Who calls this late?
Hold the 1 button down, dialing my voicemail
You have 3 new messages
First message sent yesterday at 11:01 pm
It was Ron…again
I just can’t stop thinking of you, we shouldn’t of ended, I love you
Delete, nobody likes a desperate whimp
Next message sent yesterday at 11:15 pm
Hey sis, I’ll be home in a couple of minutes, still on the expressway, open the door for me please
Check the back door, Where is she?
Next message sent yesterday at 11:59 pm
The voice was unknown and mysterious
This Dr. Montgomery at Northwest Community Hospital
Why would the hospital call me? Especially this late?
You’re sister is here and she is in critical condition. Please come down here as soon as possible
Frozen in the living room, not believing the words I just heard
Phone falls to the ground, eyes big in disbelief
What just happened?
Dig through my purse for my keys, run out the door, start the ignition
Speeding down the streets while the red lights flash, ambulances passing me by
Park it, lock it, elevator up it to the hospital halls
Sprinting to Room 456
Lying in her bed, like a dead body in a coffin
No heartbeat, no sound, just death

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