One Sided Battle of Innocence

May 29, 2009
By Rina Steinberg SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Rina Steinberg SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Children darting back and forth
Playing tag, kickball, typical recess-type games
A chorus of laughter emanating from the elementary school grounds
Infiltrating through the fence
An intruder clad in combat fatigues
Out of place among joyous children
An upcoming war of disadvantage
Out come explosive weapons of metal
Three in total, blasting shells unto the hoard
Beginning with 400 on the field
30 come out with wounds
While 5 can never play again in the schoolyard
2 minutes in duration before no more shots can be heard
Within a second of stillness one more shot rings out
The intruder falls to the ground to never get up again
Blasts now silent, but screams still remain
All that is left are hundreds of small plastic toys
In a no longer vacant motel room
Almost a depiction of the scene
Toy soldiers, tanks, and weapons scattered amongst the ground
Symbols of innocence replication of the bloodshed
Tears still fall in remembrance

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